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Caterham Cars Knockhill 2019

February 26, 2021
Filming & Post Production

Our friends at Caterham Cars commissioned us to travel up to Knockhill Racing Circuit, Scotland, to produce a video about one of their latest vehicles - the Caterham Seven 620R.
The 620R would attempt to break the lap record for Knockhill.

The job involved three members of our crew flying to Edinburgh Airport, whilst our kit was transported alongside Caterham’s own equipment.

We filmed two days of material - the first day was the static B-roll of the 620R, showing off all exterior & interior angles and the dynamic Lego-yellow finish.
Day one also involved filming the vehicle on Knockhill Track by itself. We had free reign of the whole circuit, so we rigged up our Steadicam equipment and did tracking shots alongside the car, and also got some static super slow-motion clips from safe spots on the circuit.

Knockhill Racing Circuit

Day two was race day. Enthusiasts and teams turned up early in the morning ready for a day out on Knockhill Racing Circuit.

We mounted some body cameras to the vehicle and the driver to cover the lap attempts, and had a crew member filming from the side of the track.
When Caterham’s driver came and pitted, we were able to get some great footage of the vehicle being tweaked and tuned, and coverage of the interaction between the driver and the engineers.

This was a very enjoyable and successful shoot, and it further solidified our expertise and understanding of the automotive industry.

We got the footage back to base and edited together a punchy montage video of the Caterham 620R in all of its glory!

Some of the kit we took out to Knockhill!

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