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May 1, 2018
Webinars & Live Streaming
Live-streaming: GDPR

For the past three years, High Viz Media has been providing live streaming services for several publishing companies worldwide, including Dennis Publishing.

A traditional webinar works on the pretext of a set panel discussion over the course of 45-60 minute set transmission, the last 15 minutes of which are typically reserved for live audience questions and answers. There are usually three or four guests plus a moderator, and our service includes comfort monitors to support talent discussion and to introduce prompts where required.

We recently facilitated a webinar on the topic of GDPR. We used the Clayton Hotel in Chiswick as our venue, close to local infrastructure and Heathrow airport, whilst a service agreement with this particular site also means we ensure continuity for Dennis' audience.

We briefed the moderator and guests on all of the normal procedural elements - what the format would be, which cameras the moderator needs to look into and when. We made an estimation on the amount of questions to be posed in the last 15 minutes - in this particular case there were not enough questions to fill the entire 15 minute slot, so we put a message on the hosts' comfort monitor to indicate an early wrap.

The comfort monitors and robotic cameras allow us to completely control a webinar remotely - we can give messages and visual cues to our hosts. We can remotely reposition, colour balance and focus cameras. Typically, our crew are stationed in a separate control room, near to the live room. This keeps the talent at ease, minimises distractions and enables us to comfortably let them know what is happening, before it happens.

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We're proud to have worked alongside broadcasters such as the BBC, and respected production houses including Video Europe, 1080 Media TV and ESL Gaming.

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