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Dennis Publishing Lisbon webinar 2020

February 24, 2021
Webinars & Live Streaming

One of our long term live-streaming clients, Dennis Publishing, approached us in late 2019 to discuss the possibility of pre-recording a webinar in Lisbon, Portugal.
The setup would involve three cameras, lighting, set, two executives based in Lisbon, and a host.

Once confirmed, we set about preparing a mobile webinar kit that would go on an aircraft, in multiple hold bags.
We decided on our Canon cameras for this job. Two XF105’s for the speaker profile shots, and one Canon XF305 for the master wide. For sound, we used three sets of Sennheiser G4 microphones going into the cameras. We used one tripod for the wide shot, and each XF105 was on a magic arm connected to a lighting stand to minimise the footprint.
For our backdrop, we used a branded 6-panel set, made for use specifically on all Dennis Publishing webinars - this kept the webinar looking and feeling familiar for the viewers.
We lit this with three portable LED lights on small stands.

We had the luggage scales out in full force, we managed to fit all of this kit safely into 5 different hold bags.
We also used our mobile GPS trackers to ensure the kit was where it was meant to be at all times, ensuring that we’d be the first to know if a bit of equipment was not going to arrive in Portugal!

Having arrived safely, we picked up a hire van and headed to the venue which was a hotel about a 30 minute drive from Lisbon airport.
We loaded our kit into our designated meeting room and set up the backdrop, lighting & cameras.
Once we were happy, we left all of the kit in place to enjoy some dinner and get some rest.

The next morning we brought in the client for microphone checks & run throughs, and then we did our hour-long recording.

Overall the recording went very smoothly with minimal retakes, clients were happy, so it was time to enjoy some well-earned sushi for dinner!

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