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ESI Digital Summer 2020

February 24, 2021
Broadcast & Live Events

ESI Digital Summer was an event set up by Esports Insider to give companies and industry professionals a platform to discuss a wide range of topics and case studies within esports. The event spanned 5 days, with 5 different regions, each panel having up to 5 remote guests.

High Viz Media were chosen to provide the broadcast services. The event was held during August 2020; in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, using a cloud-based production workflow, the team were able to provide a fluid remote setup while keeping everyone in the safety of their own home.

Our team was responsible for vision mixing, graphics integration, recording, streaming and remote guest feeds. Having over 30 guests remotely connecting during a single day can come with many potential problems due in part to them having varied technical facilities and knowledge. Our experience and foreplaning allowed our team to efficiently resolve guests’ problems as well as get them acquainted with the workflow.

Broadcast is our bread and butter, if you are looking for a production team you can rely on please get in touch.

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We're proud to have worked alongside broadcasters such as the BBC, and respected production houses including Video Europe, 1080 Media TV and ESL Gaming.

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