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Fast & Furious Crossroads video game 2019

September 24, 2020
Filming & Post Production

We were asked by video game composer Stephen Baysted to create a 8-10 minute mini documentary on the composition and recording of the music for the new Fast and Furious game. This involved three days of recording at the new University of Chichester Bognor campus.This project was very exciting because it was the very first full recording session in a wonderful new facility built just opposite the entrance to Butlins resort in Bognor.

Jun 9 - Brass session

This was the big day and it was Brass up first. They started off with a very dynamic, big sounding cue to allow them to adjust the microphone levels for the rest of the session.
We floated around the studio between cues, capturing some pull-focus close ups and some more wider shots of the brass sections. We also came up to the control room and got a few shots of the engineers at the mixing desk, and the orchestrator too.
This was a very successful day for all; they got through all of the cues in good time and we came away with some beautiful brass footage.

Jun 17 - String session

With 50 string players all in this wonderful new facility, it really felt like this new studio was fully underway. This was day one of a three-day recording session for strings.

There was a nice introduction at the start of the session we managed to capture with a shotgun mic, Andy Brown, the conductor introduced the project and then the composer Stephen Baysted stepped onto the podium and explained some context to the project. He also went on to explain to the room how special this day was, to finally have a full orchestra in this wonderful new facility.

We used a slider to get some nice drifting shots of the strings, and 50mm and 85mm Sony Prime’s on an FS7 for the nice depth of field - it looked beautiful.

This was a very successful days’ recording - all 18 cues were covered in more than enough time, and the musicians all seemed delighted with the new facility as well.

Aug 9 - Interviews & Mixing

It was time to catch up with composer Stephen Baysted and Engineer / Mixer Jake Jackson back at the facility in Bognor - this was now the mixing stage and it was time to balance all of the strings, brass and woodwind that had been recorded over the two sessions.

We arrived on day 4 of the mix and Stephen and Jake were going through some loops, really in the thick of the mix.
We sat Jake & Stephen down side by side in the mixing room and they had a nice free-flowing conversation about the Mixing stage of the project, and what they are trying to achieve from this stage. Jake gave us a more technical rundown of his working process, and we even managed to film a small walk-through of him showing some loops and mixes on screen, and talked through them.

We then interviewed Stephen on his own in the dubbing suite downstairs. This was a lovely, very natural interview where Stephen introduced the entire project, discussing how long he has been writing music for Fast and Furious. We managed to get a nice F&F banner on the projector-screen in the background of the interview as well, which really added to it.

Finally, it was the London Metropolitan Orchestra’s Managing Director and F&F conductor, Andy Brown, to say some words to the camera.
We also filmed this interview in the dubbing suite, and Andy and Stephen had a nice natural conversation about the whole recording process and what was slightly different about this project, working in a completely new and (to a certain extent) unknown environment.

The results from the Mix day were excellent, and Stephen and Jake mixed for a further 8 days before completing the project.

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