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Fnatic Berlin Livestream 2018

November 26, 2020
Webinars & Live Streaming

We were invited into the home of the Fnatic Esports team to cover the Legends In Action - League of Legends livestream event.

This involved us driving equipment from our base in Surrey, across Europe to Berlin. Once we arrived, we began our load-in to the penthouse apartment.

We set up a small control area within the flat consisting of Audio control, Technical Director & Camera operation. We used remote hot-head cameras to minimise any physical movement and distractions for the presenter.

The output of this job was a 1.5 hour livestream to Twitch & YouTube, in which the Fnatic Team discussed the upcoming season of League of Legends, introduced some new players joining the team, and held some mini head-to-head sessions against each other at the end.

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