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GKN- Winter Test 2018

May 1, 2018
Filming & Post Production
Documentary filming

GKN, one of the world's largest Tier One partners for the motoring industry, need to test the efficacy of their components and equipment in the most extreme of locations. Enter -37 degrees centigrade, frozen lakes and some of the world's best engineering expertise all converging in Arjeplog in Swedish Lapland. 

High Viz Media was approached by GKN to devise a strategy on how best to showcase the activities they undertake at Arjeplog. Working to tight timescales, High Viz coordinated a significant amount of logistics, including crew, kit and protective equipment to enable us to work in the freezing conditions.

We filmed material in sub-zero temperatures, capturing GKN's technology in action and the work, and workmanship, involved in its testing. Three crew members operated over three days, with 8 cameras capturing multiple angles from vehicles and from within the test centre. We developed temporary restraining tethers to enable filming from the rear of the cars, also organising the supporting Risk and Method Statements. 

Over 2TB of 4K material, including super slow motion material, were captured over two days. Two hours plus of interview material gave a fascinating insight into the work carried out at the Arjeplog test centre, and the lives of those who undertake it. Our final output was beyond the expectation of the client, who received both long and short form versions of the product. 

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