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May 1, 2018
Filming & Post Production
Cinematic Filming

Philippine Theatre UK is a community theatre group based in the heart of London. It offers a platform for members of all nationalities to unleash their passion for acting and performing.

Our brief was to capture the film adaptation of "Migrants", a successful theatre production. Recreating a bustling Filipino street market in the rolling hills of Surrey was no mean feat but some nifty camera work and skilled set dressing transported our actors to sunnier climes.

Our cinematic cameras have so far captured over 50 hours of raw material. With sets on London's streets and a “Filipino jungle”, our equipment’s ability to work in any condition was well and truly tested. Ever prepared to assist in realising the director’s vision, we created the impromptu “branch-cam” allowing for a low follow-shot through wild woodland and deployed our UAV in some challenging environments.

Additionally supplying lighting, power and supporting a cast of over 45 actors, High Viz Media are truly excited to be part of this original film production.

The film is to be shown at the National Theatre in the summer of 2018. Actors on stage will interact with the film playing out on a large screen behind them. It will be the first film of its kind to do this!

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We're proud to have worked alongside broadcasters such as the BBC, and respected production houses including Video Europe, 1080 Media TV and ESL Gaming.

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