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NextGen Recording at Air Lyndhurst Studios 2017

May 3, 2018
Filming & Post Production

We were asked to produce an EPK for a ‘Bazou’ style animation film called ‘NextGen’.

The session took place at Air Lyndhurst Studios in London and was recorded over the course of two days.

We approached the coverage of the session slightly differently to how we have typically covered a recording before. This was mainly because rather than dubbing in percussion, brass and other sections after the strings, everyone would be playing at once on this recording. This posed a challenge for us as we had to be on the right areas of the orchestra at the right time - and access to some players would have been very difficult using the traditional camera and tripod method.

We also had to be wary to not obstruct the players’ view of the conductor, as he is everyone’s visual cue to stay in time.

Rather than our typical setup of placing one member of crew permanently out on the studio floor and one switching between the control room and studio floor, we opted for two remotely operated PTZ cameras positioned around the studio, several micro cameras in the studio, control room and balcony, and one crew member roaming around with a camera.

The roaming crew member could plug his camera into numerous SDI drops located around the studio and offer a variety of shots back to the control room where all the cameras were being fed to.

This setup brought new life to our normal studio setup. We could pan and zoom these cameras at will during recordings, as they are completely silent. A camera operator would have to stand still as soon as the recording light gets turned on, however we had the freedom to point the cameras wherever we wanted and as quickly as we wanted.

The result of this setup means we rarely missed a moment – a solo from the clarinet, or the Timpani drums being banged – we could follow the action very effectively.

Further to our multi-camera rig, we decided to get our TeraDek encoder involved on the second day and live stream the session to the clients who were listening in LA. We created a customised landing page for the stream with the clients’ branding on, and they went from having an audio only stream to a full multi camera setup with footage being cut live – they were very impressed!

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