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Project Cars 2 2017

May 1, 2018
Filming & Post Production
"Behind the Scenes" specialist filming

We were commissioned by composer Stephen Baysted to document the recording of the music for Project Cars 2 – a leading racing simulation game. The idea was to produce a 10 minute "behind the scenes" documentary piece showcasing Stephen’s composing ability, the game music and what's involved in a recording session of this scale.

The project involved three days’ filming – one at Stephen’s studio in Chichester and two at one of the country’s top recording studios, Air Lyndhurst Hall.  

We arrived at Air Lyndhurst Hall for the first recording session with strings. During these sessions, we deployed micro-cameras in the control room and studio floor, positioned one member of crew with a Ronin Gymbal system in the control room and a second out on the studio floor with a Sony FS7. 

After wrapping up the three days' filming, we imported all 700GB we had shot into Premiere Pro and began dividing out footage, and syncing up all of the relevant performances to the three tracks we wanted to focus on. The rest is taken for cutaway footage. Wanting to heavily focus on the relationship between Stephen in the control room and the Orchestra out on the studio floor, we were meticulous in our study of the control room footage.

The end result of this project was a 10 minute mini-documentary that incorporates all elements of Stephen's work - from idea, to writing, to recording, and then to mixing. It was brilliant fun filming and editing this project, and the end result can be viewed here!

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