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Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb 2018

August 29, 2018
Broadcast & Live Events
Outside Broadcast

We worked alongside GKN at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb to cover a hill climb record attempt by the Jaguar Panasonic Racing I-TYPE  2 Formula E Car.

Utilising our new fleet of outside broadcast vehicles, we were able to create an engaging 1-hour live stream that featured introductions from the paddock, preparation of the I-TYPE 2 and multiple VT’s produced on-site by our in-house editing team.

Amanda Stretton interviews Mitch Evans for our post race edited content.

Working from a generator and a 4G bonded connection, the versatility of our fleet of vehicles was proved at Shelsley Walsh.

We were able to effortlessly run in 100s of metres of Fibre & Triax directly into our OB unit, which comfortably housed five individuals including a Sound Op, Director, VT player, Vision mixer as well as a spot for the client to sit in and watch proceedings too.

Separate to this, we used our second OB unit as a permanent station for two editors. This facilitated the creation of any quick-turnaround VT’s, such as a short edit of the Jaguar I-TYPE 2 Formula E car’s arrival.

Inside OB 999 Production Area during FACTS Checks

To find out more take a look at this lovely article covering the launch of our new vehicle penned by SVE Europe:

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